Iran-origin business NikKhah Group has launched two new Middle East offices in the UAE and Turkey.

Headquartered in Tehran, NikKhah Group is a leading player in Iran’s business services industry. The firm covers a diversity of services, including import- export management, marketing and sales, market research, management consulting, among other aspects of business.

Having been in business since 2013, NG has worked with companies across various industries, including the likes of Saipa, Iran Khodro, Sermeh, Badr, Persia Khodro, Energy, Somayeh, Nilper and Razi.

As NikKhah looks to meet growing (international) demand for its services, the firm has launched new offices in Dubai and Istanbul. The hubs will enable the firm to provide its Iranian customer base with an on the ground offering aimed at helping them expand into and grow in the UAE and Turkey.

Meanwhile, the offices will also help local businesses with entering the Iranian market. According to Amir NikKhah, the founder and CEO of NikKhah Group, the firm has over the years helped “many industrial companies from Italy, Germany, Spain, India, Taiwan, Korea, China, UAE and Turkey” establish or grow their production operations and/or sales organizations in the Iranian market.

The new offices will provide NikKhah Group a more direct line to many of such customers, with Dubai and Istanbul among the most important trade hubs in the region.

Third on the list: NikKhah Group will help companies across both sides of the table with trade services, and with import/export related supply chain optimization services.

Recently, NikKhah Group served as a consultant on the Freshcano project. Financed by the European Union in Iran for two years, the project saw the firm advise on import strategies to Iran, before promoting products to the nation’s most important stores in Tehran. During this promotion, the consultancy also reviewed and analyzed consumer data, compiling it into a report on consumer behavior in the nation.


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