Iran-headquartered player NikKhah Group has announced plans to enter Qatar over the course of this year, with the aim of helping Qatari organizations professionalize and international clients with investing in the flourishing state.

Currently operating out of Tehran and branches in the UAE and Turkey, NikKhah Group provides a range of business services to its clients, with a focus on import & export, marketing & sales, business event and management consulting.

“These will also be our key services to Qatari companies,” said Amir NikKhah, who founded the firm a decade ago after completing his MBA. NikKhah currently also is a Certified Management Consultant along the standards of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).

“Over the years, we’ve built years of knowhow and expertise helping Iranian, Turkish, Emirati and other companies in the region with professionalizing their operations and growing their footprint. We now intend to bring this experience to Qatari companies.”

In Qatar, the focus of the firm’s services will be on two key verticals: manufacturing and service-oriented companies, said NikKhah. “We hope to play a role in helping Qatar-based companies realize the goal of economic development in Qatar National Vision2030.”

Meanwhile, the firm will support international players – mainly start-ups – with setting up shop in Qatar. “We will help foreign investors and entrepreneurs enter the landscape in a robust manner and we will connect them with the (start-up) ecosystem in Qatar.”

To this end, the firm is already establishing relationships within Qatar’s public sector in order to ensure that it builds the right infrastructure and personal network for its endeavors. “Industrialization and the commercialization of foreign investment will be key areas of focus,” said NikKhah.

A serial entrepreneur, NikKhah has launched several businesses focused on exports and professional services – bundled under the NikKhah Group umbrella.


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